Quiz : Current Affairs – 28 Dec 2015


1.    From where the indigenously developed Air-to-Air missile Astra was successfully test-fired on 25 December 2015?

a)    Pokhran Test Range, Rajasthan
b)    National Defence Academy, Pune
c)    Integrated Test Range, Balasore
d)    Air Force Academy, Dundigul

Ans. c

2.    Which country on 27 December 2015 gave its final approval to amend the One Couple, One Child Policy?

a)    China
b)    Bangladesh
c)    Pakistan
d)    Brazil

Ans. a

3.    Popular science-fiction writer George Clayton Johnson who died on 25 December 2015 was most famous for writing the first episode of which science fiction television series?

a)    Doctor Who
b)    Thunderbirds
c)    Babylon 5
d)    Star Trek

Ans. d

4.    With which company on 28 December 2015 the Government of Andhra Pradesh signed a MoU on technology initiatives?

a)    Facebook
b)    Microsoft India
c)    Google Inc
d)    Twitter Inc

Ans. b

5.    Which of the following company on 27 December 2015 launched 4G telecom services under the brand name Jio?

a)    Idea
b)    Airtel
c)    Vodafone
d)    Reliance

Ans. d

6.    Who on 27 December 2015 became the first woman Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Big Four accounting firm in India?

a)    Satyavati Berera
b)    Satyavati Verma
c)    Claire Bergin
d)    Naina Lal Kidwai

Ans. a

7.    Who among the following was on 26 December 2015 conferred with Atal Samman Award?

a)    J M Sali
b)    Achyutanand Mishra
c)    Frank Islam
d)    L Subramaniam

Ans. b

8.    Which country on 27 December 2015 adopted country’s first counter-terrorism law which was titled Anti-Terrorism Bill, 2015?

a)    China
b)    North Korea
c)    Iran
d)    Pakistan

Ans. a

9.    Who was on 26 December 2015 became first Indian to officiate a wrestling competition in Olympics?

a)    Anil Kumar
b)    Nirmala Devi
c)    Ravinder Singh
d)    Ashok Kumar

Ans. d

10.    Who was on 27 December 2015 became the youngest ever goal-scorer for India in football?

a)    Sunil Chhetri
b)    Subrata Paul
c)    Lallianzuala Chhangte
d)    Koushik Sarkar

Ans. c

11.    Name the former Chief Justice of Karnataka and Kerala High Courts who had headed a Committee on Criminal Justice System and he died on 22 December 2015.

a)    VS Malimath
b)    Badri Bahadur
c)    S Varadachary
d)    DV Subba Rao

Ans. a

12.    Name the Indian winter sport athlete who on 27 December 2015 won the silver medal in the 18th edition of the Asian Luge Championship.

a)    Shiva Keshavan
b)    Dev Prakshan
c)    Himanshu Thakur
d)    Nadeem Iqbal

Ans. a

13.    Which one of the following IT-based initiatives was not launched by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on 25 December 2015 to provide citizen-centric health services?

a)    e-office
b)    Kilikari
c)    Mobile Academy
d)    M-Cessation

Ans. a

14.    Who on 27 December 2015 was awarded with the Best Player of the Year at Globe Soccer Awards 2015?

a)    Cristiano Ronaldo
b)    Neymar
c)    Lionel Messi
d)    Zinedine Zidane

Ans. c

15.    Identify the veteran actress, known for her iconic hairstyle, who died on 25 December 2015 in Mumbai.

a)    Madhubala
b)    Sadhana
c)    Nargis
d)    Nimmi

Ans. b

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